API SMS Marketing
With our API, configure your application to send SMS

Connect your application with GetaSMS to send massive SMS online

Our API based on REST SMS Marketing allows you to link your applications with Getasms.

Whether for sending SMS or manage your contacts, our SMS Marketing API allows you to extend the functionality of your applications by integrating components SMS marketing to improve the user experience.

In addition, developers can use our API to integrate SMS functionality into their applications marketing, thus creating a competitive difference will lead to additional revenue.

With our API, you have access to everything you can do with Getasms mode hosted on our servers.

For example, with our SMS API Marketing you can:

  1. Synchronize address books and messages with your CRM system
  2. Generate lists automatically added to your CRM from the actions of your clients
  3. Synchronize user profile with another system
  4. Send SMS campaigns or using the contents of your application

How to integrate our API program?

You must first create an account (free). Our API documentation can be found in our application Getasms. The API Key must be requested by email to our support.

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