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Easily send SMS from your email with GetaSMS

You can easily send SMS from your email box by following these steps:

  1. Create a new autorised email (from an autorised email account)
  2. Enter the telephone number followed by "".
  3. Insert your SMS text in the body of the email (no more than 159 characters)

Going from email to SMS is very simple. With Mailpro emailing software for your mail delivery and GetaSMS for your SMS, all your messages will be send on the internet, via their respective platforms, easily, efficiently and user-friendly.

Additionally, the email is not absent from GetaSMS as it serves as a PHP mail script to send your messages, first in the form of an email, then converted on a specific server into SMS. You SMS by email! The mail to SMS has never been so transparent and so simple than with Getasms!

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