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What can we expect from a text messaging software? Here is what Getasms offers.

First of all, when you talk about sending, you also imply receiving; Getasms ensures that your messages will arrive in perfect condition to your contacts throughout the world.

Using software mainly means that you keep things easy for yourself. Getasms offers you to manage all of your contact lists by detecting doubles and by importing unlimited amounts of your data. When it comes to sending, you can customize your texts and plan your sending time to prevent you from spending hours waiting in front of your computer. You can also check your sending history and display your campaign progress status. At last but not least, the texts which are sent are all in PUSH mode, which means that replies are not allowed and you will not have to face a massive list of contacts to reply to.

Besides, Getasms is practical. All of your actions are directly done from the app, and an API allows you to integrate it in your own website. Lastly, in order to control your budget, Getasms uses a credit system which you can increase directly on line.

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