Sending a text using the Internet

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The Short Message Service (SMS) was invented by operators in order to quickly contact their customers about the precise network status as well as about new services. However it seemed quite logical to expand this use to the general public and texting became the new way to communicate.

People would then send text messages. The one trouble with texting was the limited number of characters one could use. Indeed the SMS centre would deal with the dispatching and more than one text was lost in the process.

The announcers which wanted to make a marketing campaign via SMS would be annoyed by the dark side of it. As a result, in order to avoid this problem and ensure the ease of creating a text, Getasms offers to send texts via the Internet.

Even though today telecommunication is at its best when it comes to SMS, announcers are definitely more into sending texts online as it guaranties the sending to be fast and secured.