Sending a text

used for SMS marketing campaigns

SMS is the official name but we all use the term “text”; it is one of the newest ways to communicate remotely. The first text message was sent in 1993. In 2 decades, texts have become a reel communication tool between all generations and for personal use as well as professional.

Today the text message is used for marketing campaigns via sending software such as Getasms. Interestingly, the first text message was sent from a computer in 1992, i.e. one year before it was sent from a phone! Indeed, operators would be the only ones to send texts to inform their customers but this way of communication quickly became global.

Text messaging is one communication channel; however, it is now a real opportunity for announcers. Easy to customize through SMS sending software like Getasms, text messages are a great way to increase a SMS marketing campaign ROI (Return On Investment) or even a multichannel promotion.